"I'm sure you've heard this all tons of times but I feel truly indebted to you!!"
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Is there a difference between wedding DJ companies?

The great thing about wedding entertainers is that there is a wide range of talents available to fit your needs. Many couples may not realize this fact until it is too late.



I understand that you most likely have never hired an entertainer or DJ before. Your first logical question to ask is how much.


This page gives you some information of Mike Anderson as a Master of Ceremonies and DJ

Mike Anderson Wedding Entertainment Director? A"certified" Wedding Entertainment Director? is a monumental achievement that represents the highest attained level of academic standards available in the wedding industry. What does this mean? Mike Anderson continues to learn his craft of being a Master of Ceremonies and DJ. Mike does this Full Time. Mike goes to different workshops to improve his skills. He practices and attends Disc Jockey conventions that help him learn the new trends in Weddings.



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